Redline Software Inc. - Winnipeg's Leader in Ruby on Rails Development

Core Team

Marc Jeanson

Marc is a graduate of the University of Manitoba where he earned his honours degree in computer science in 1999. Before co-founding Redline, Marc worked for both small and large companies producing software for a variety of sectors including public safety systems, financial planning, and scientific computing.

Marc has been enjoying the Ruby bliss since 2005. Previously, he developed software using a variety of languages, most commonly but not limited to, C++, Java, Smalltalk, and C#.

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Andrew Kaspick

Andrew earned his honours degree in computer science from the University of Manitoba in 1999. Before becoming an early adopter of Ruby and RoR, Andrew developed software in the telecom and financial planning industries.

As co-founder of Redline, Andrew has developed several patches and plugins for the RoR framework and has been building software with RoR since early 2005.

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