Redline Software Inc. - Winnipeg's Leader in Ruby on Rails Development

Who are we?

A team of dedicated, highly experienced geeks who use the best tools for the job in order to produce high quality and easy-to-use products for the masses.

What do we do?

We make cool software that actually works. We’re focused on creating web apps using the Ruby on Rails (RoR) Framework. We also provide consulting and custom development services pulling from our wide area of expertise.

See our services section for more information.

Why Ruby on Rails?

‘Cause it rocks! Well that and it has turned web development on its head. Before RoR, web apps written using languages such as PHP, Java or ASP, could take ages to complete and in the end you may just end up with a large heap of unmanageable code.

RoR brings structure to your applications and the power of Ruby provides a level of conciseness that’s hard to match in other popular languages. All in all, web development using RoR is fun!

Why us?

Well if the information above hasn’t sold you yet, here’s more.

We have a passion for the work we do, so the product delivered will always be our best. We believe in the Agile Development Model, which allows rapid turnaround from ideas on paper to results on screen.

We contribute back to the community. Members of our team have contributed to open sources projects (including RoR). Check out our blog for code, utilities and solutions to problems that we’ve encountered and want to share with others. You can also view gems and plugins we’ve released at