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Redzone Updates: Multiple Positions and Team Statistics

We’ve just deployed some major updates to Redzone’s statistics. These include support for multiple positions as well as team related statistics in addition to the player statistics that were only supported before.

We’ve added new statistics to some of the sports, so you check for those in the “Statistics Management” section of the admin dashboard. If there are statistics that you don’t see, but would like to see added then just send us an email at and let us know what additional stats you would like to see.

The game cards haven’t been updated to support the addition of multiple positions yet, but this will be supported in an upcoming release. If your league doesn’t track stats for more than one position then you’ll be fine with the current game cards.

We’ve made some changes to the standings calculations. Points can now be awarded to teams for Overtime losses. This is a common theme in hockey where shootouts occur.

The forums display a users profile picture (avatar) along with their post count.

Other minor changes and fixes have been made as well and we have a few more quick updates coming in the next few weeks; mainly the addition of some new statistics.

Since this is fairly large update, there may be some minor issues that may appear, so if you notice any inconsistencies or issues with any of the statistic values, please let us know and we’ll correct the issues as soon as we can. You can do so by posting a message in our forums or by sending us an email.