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Team Roster Enhancements

It’s been a little while since our last feature update post, but we’ve recently added a couple of new enhancements to the team rosters.

Player number support has now been added. An administrator or team contact can enter in player numbers for their team and these will appear on the team page and will also automatically appear on game score cards.

The second addition is the ability to “disable” a player on a team. An administrator or team captain may want to do this if a player no longer plays on a team or have been “traded” to another team, etc. Disabled players are removed from the team email messages as well as the list of eligible players for a game when entering stats.

Both of these features are only available to the league administrator and the team contact. Simply press the “Edit Roster” button at the bottom of the page for a specific team and you will have the options to specify the player numbers as well as enabling and disabling players using the checkboxes beside each player.