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Improved Player Signup With New Team Requests

In our constant effort to make the registration process easier, we’ve added an additional feature to Redzone Leagues to allow a player to request a spot on a teams roster.

The way the original process worked was that a team captain would create their team and then manually add each player to the roster themselves. This works, and still works, but issues can occur when a captain doesn’t know a players name, or a user hasn’t registered yet in order for them to be added to the roster. If a user hasn’t registered then a captain would have to wait for a user to signup and then that user would have to notify the captain via email, phone, in person, etc. that they’ve registered and can now be added to the team roster… and this is where the signup process can become a bit too much work.

To improve the signup process, a registered user would now find their team (which must already be registered by their captain) and simply click a link on the teams profile page to request to add themselves to the teams roster. Once a request is made, the team captain will receive an email notifying them of the request. The captain will then visit their team page to view the request (along with any other outstanding requests) and with a click of the mouse, can either approve or reject the player for the team.