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User Signup Changes

We’ve recently made some changes to make it easier for users to signup for a league account.

  • Optional email address for administrators creating new users.
  • Optional password.
  • Optional address information and home phone number.

Optional email address for administrators creating new users

Previously an email address was mandatory for all users. Since we don’t exist in a perfect internet world, not all users have an email address. The way around this was for a user or an administrator to create a new user and simply provide an invalid email address in order to register a user. A user must be registered in order to be added to a team.

The latest change makes the email address optional when an administrator creates a new account. The user will now exist in the system, but they won’t be able to log in and use the website themselves since an email address is required to login to the site. If they wanted to login, then chances are they would have had an email address to sign up with anyway. An administrator can still add an email address to a user account at a later date to enable a user to confirm their account and login to use the site. An email address is still mandatory for a user registering with the league themselves.

Optional password

If a password is not specified, a random one will be generated now.

Optional address information and home phone number

Requiring address information and a home phone number is not really necessary and simply makes the signup process more complicated. Some users also don’t feel comfortable providing that much personal information if it is not necessary and in the end they could just enter invalid data, which is just an extra annoyance. So all of these fields are now optional.