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Statistic Editing

A small, but helpful feature that’s been a long time coming is the ability to edit a players game statistics. Previously if you needed to modify a statistic for a player, you’d have to delete all of the players stats for a game and then re-enter the stats again. Now though, you can simply edit the desired stats and save – no need to remember what stats were entered before.

Roster Deadline Feature

We released a new feature today which adds roster deadlines to seasons.

League admins who want to restrict roster additions after a particular date can now do it by setting this date when creating or editing a season. Admins can still modify rosters after the deadline, but team reps will not be able to.

If you don’t need to lockdown rosters then leave the date empty and everything will work as it did before.

Tackle Football Added and Some New Football Stats

We’ve added Tackle Football as a new sport. We’ve also added new stats for both Tackle and Flag football. You can turn them on under the Admin -> General -> Manage Statistics page.

Standings Customizations

We forgot to write a post about this, but we’ve added the ability to customize the standings view. You can now change the column titles and show or hide select columns.

Snap Chop Adds a New Member to the Family

We’d like to announce a new member to the Snap Chop family… Snap Chop: Baby Edition!

For all those precious bundles of joy in your life, capture their growing years Snap Chop style!

Now available in the App Store for your iPhone.

For more information check out