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Redzone Leagues Migration and Updates

Redzone gets a new home

We’ve recently migrated Redzone to a new data center to improve reliability and performance. To keep up to date on the service status please follow us on twitter @redzoneleagues. Leagues with custom domain names have been contacted with the DNS changes you will need to make, but if you are having problems please contact us

User Configurable Statistics

We’ve added support for user configurable statistics. This only applies to stats for certain sports, so you may not see this in use for your league at the moment. Some statistic calculations vary depending on league, so now a league should be able to configure one of the configurable stats to their needs. An example of this is goals against average in hockey; this calculation uses the game length in minutes which could vary between leagues. To see the available statistics options for your league, click on “Statistics Management” under your admin dashboard.

Multiple Active Seasons

Redzone previously had a limitation of one active season at anytime. Many of our leagues were trying to host tournaments during their season or had multiple seasons going on at the same time, so we’ve added support for this. You can setup your seasons under the admin dashboard.

Upcoming Updates

We have additional features in the works, so stay tuned for more frequent updates. If you’d like to comment or make requests for upcoming features, please either leave a comment in the blog or post a message in our forums